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ENVision: Data-analytical platform for dynamic evaluation of Sentinel-2 data for the Czech Republic

21 November 2021

The CERIT-SC Center (Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University), and the Institute of Global Change Research of the ASCR (CzechGlobe) designed and implemented the first prototype of the ENVision (Environment Vision) data analysis platform, designed for comprehensive environmental assessment and state of (not only Czech) landscape.

The main goal of this platform is to enable dynamic and comprehensive evaluation of various environmental data, initially especially Sentinel-2 data for the Czech Republic. The potential of this platform is its modular architecture, which will enable the integration of various national data sources and complex analytical tools and methods for their interpretation in the future - including the application of innovative analytical approaches and IT techniques (eg BigData processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning).

The first prototype of the presented platform is available at and provides, among other things, a module for creating high-quality cloudless images Sentinel-2 - processed for selected areas and for a selected time interval.

Dynamic access to Sentinel-2 data is implemented via the CollGS data warehouse operated by CESNET, implemented and user-configurable cloudless image composing algorithms enable dynamic creation of these images even at shorter, user-defined intervals (allowing cloudless mosaics to be created with time-relevant data).

The user can then either download the resulting mosaic for his own analyzes or proceed to another calculation module of the platform. It enables the calculation of basic vegetation indices and, for the most common agricultural crops, the estimation of vegetation parameters (eg chlorophyll and water content in foliage, leaf area index) based on spectral databases generated using the solar transmission model (PROSPECT + SAIL). This module also enables the analysis of the Earth's own remote sensing data, such as local scanning data from drones or aircraft.


Copernicus services primarily provide access to various types of data and products, which are mostly generated on a global or regional (European) scale, but which, due to their spatial and temporal scale, are not always suitable for national or local analyzes. The cooperating ground segment Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment CollGS is located in the Czech Republic.

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