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Invitation to the Grid computing workshop 2021

21 April 2021

Invitation to the Grid computing workshop 2021



In the first part of our seminar, there will be lectures on news in MetaCentrum, CERIT-SC and IT4Innovation. In addition, our national activities in the European Open Science Cloud will be presented and the experience of our cooperation with the ESA user community, specifically on the processing and storage of data from Sentinel satellites

In the afternoon part of the Grid Computing Seminar, there will be a practically focused Hands-on seminar, which consists of 6 separate tutorials on the topic of general advice, graphical environments, containers, AI support, JupyterNotebooks, MetaCloud user GUI, ...

The seminar is part of the three-day CESNET 2021 e-infrastructure Conference, which takes place on 20-22 April 2021



Registration is free. Before the event, you will receive the link to join the conference. The conference is in Czech.

Program and registration:


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