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KYPO laboratory has been appreciated by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for its extraordinary achievements

2 November 2016

Cybernetic Providing Ground (KYPO) operating in CERIT Science Park at Masaryk university is supported by the CERIT-SC Center, which provide stuff and computing capacity for the KYPO platform.

The KYPO - Cyber Exercise & Research Platform (KYPO) focuses on the research, development, and creation of a unique platform for analyzing security threats to critical information infrastructure. It is capable of creating various scenarios involving extensive computer networks running services and applications and thus facilitates the detailed study of the emergence, spread, and impacts of current cybernetic threats. The KYPO platform can also be effectively used for interactive training and exercise sessions for security staff. Typical training activities include basic security training, administrator training, and training for forensic investigations of attacked machines. Furthermore, the KYPO platform can be used for extensive security training exercises in which several teams of users can compete against each other or work together.

The KYPO project (VG20132015103) was funded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as part of the Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2010–2015.

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