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Melasa -- development of the tool for computing of elastic properties of nano-composites

28 April 2020

In cooperation with the Institute of Physics of Materials ASCR we developed a Melasa tool ( for computing of elastic properties of nano-composites.

Our tool implements a linear-elasticity method of M. Grimsditch and F. Nizzoli. It computes anisotropic elastic properties of coherent nano-composites using matrices of elastic constants of co-existing phases as the input. Elastic properties are visualized in the form of directional dependencies of selected elastic characteristics (Young´s modulus and linear compressibility). Importantly, the tool can handle more than two phases and allows for including internal rotation of coexisting phases.

The tool was published in the following article (rating in the 1st decile):
Multi-phase ELAStic Aggregates (MELASA) software tool for modeling anisotropic elastic properties of lamellar composites
Computer Physics Communications
2019, 106863, ISSN 0010-4655

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