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New special server HPE Superdome Flex with 504 CPUs and 10 TB RAM

19 July 2019

CERIT-SC offers a new HPE Superdome Flex server, providing the computing power needed for the most demanding workloads delivering groundbreaking performance at any scale. It is designed for computationally demanding tasks and database applications using in-memory technology, where all data is stored in the server's operating memory. The performance and equipment of the HPE Superdome Flex is therefore particularly useful for complex scientific and technical calculations requiring ultra-low latency and/or high bandwidth technology.

Superdome Flex combines the technologies used in the Superdome X supercomputers and in the MC990 X (formerly SGI's UV300, purchased by HPE). The goal of Superdome Flex development was to get closer to the performance and features of supercomputers while increasing the availability and flexibility of the server, which can be progressively expanded without the need for expensive chassis in the first step, as is the case with supercomputers.

The new HPE Superdome Flex server is suitable for jobs requiring high availability and processing of large amounts of data in memory, such as those in medicine or bioinformatics.



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