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Researcher' s Night 2019

19 September 2019

Researcher' s Night 2019

Come to enjoy the science-filled night at CERIT-SC / UVT MU

September 27, 18 PM

Information technologies per se leave a negative trace in the environment. However, those can also contribute to the environment protection, yielding an overall positive effect. We will show our research from this viewpoint this year.

5th floor, rooms A505 and A510:
- visit of the state-of-the art computer room
- digital personalised medicine — digital modelling to reduce laboratory experiments and improve patient treatment
- high-speed, high-quality videoconferencing — no need to travel anymore
- 3D display of scientific data using the largest holographic display in the Czech Republic, focus on green energy

Courtyard of the building, in front of room C022, every 30 minutes:
- demonstration run of diesel engine, backing up the power suply of the computer rooms


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