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Training course SGI UV2 architecture and on specific application optimizations on it 13.-15.5. 2014

24 April 2014

CERIT-SC together with SGI will provide an advance training course on the SGI UV2 architecture and on specific application optimizations on it.

The expected target group of trainees are users of HPC applications and the users who develop or modify computing code on their own.

The course duration is 2.5 days, it will take place in the CERIT-SC premises in Brno, Sumavska 15 on May 13-15, 2014. The course is in English, given by dr. Gabriel Koren of SGI. We will provide videoconference link if there is interest. However, recording the course is not possible.

Expected topics are:

The number of participants is limited, register at, please. You may also state you are interested in videoconference participation.

We prefer to demonstrate profiling and optimization on real applications rather than artificial examples. Therefore the participants' inputs are welcome. In order to include a user's problem in the course we need:

The program should be able to leverage significant fraction of the CERIT-SC UV2 machine (i.e. at least dozens of CPU cores or hundreds of GB RAM). The running time of the programs on the provided input data should be approx. 1-20 minutes.

A section of the course will be dedicated to optimizing those programs on UV2 with active help of the trainer. Therefore the benefits for you are not only the training on optimization but also its result directly.

We kindly ask to provide us with such problem proposals by April 30 at <>. Currently we are not able to foresee the number of proposals, however, as long as course timing permits, all will be included.

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