Besides running computing and storage resources, the CERIT-SC role lies in a close collaboration with end users and research teams from many research areas.

CERIT-SC users do not act only as service consumers, but mainly as partners in research and production application of its results. Groups of employees and CERIT-SC students together with members of other institutions are working on specific problems of user communities that require non-trivial e-infrastructure support.

CERIT-SC is usually responsible for the e-infrastructure and data processing related part of the research, thus allowing researchers and their teams to focus on and progress more quickly with their own research. For example:

  • design and implementation of an e-infrastructure efficiently supporting the intended research activities,
  • design, development and optimization of various algorithms or computation methods,
  • development of tools required to deal with a particular research problem (simulation, modelling, visualization, etc.).

20 research partners expressed their interest in the CERIT-SC environment and services by signing Memorandum of Understanding agreements. CERIT-SC became a partner of several large national and international projects, like ELIXIR, BBMRI, West-Life, ...

Sellection of collaboration projects can be found in the project section.

CERIT-SC users become research partners, participating on the research and development activities. Both short-term collaboration over a specific problem and especially a long-term research collaboration (including joint third party funded projects) are supported.

Interdisciplinary collaboration projects

Selection of actual collaboration projects.

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