CERIT-SC delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructures. The services can be used by everyone involved in academic or research institutions. Commercial companies are welcomed to collaborate through joint public research projects.

Infrastructure resources

CERIT-SC resources (hardware and software) are connected to MetaCentrum. Access to all resources and services is available for free to all bona fide researchers and students belonging to Czech universities, Academy of Sciences and research community in general.



  • Cloud Compute run virtual machines on demand with complete control over computing resources. We offer computational resources in a secure and isolated environment with standard API access, without the overhead of managing physical servers.
  • High-Throughput Compute – execute thousands of computational tasks to analyse large datasets. Get more processing capacity over long periods of time – get faster results. With monitoring and accounting tools collecting information about availability and resource consumption.


  • Shared networked storage for work data – store, share and access your files and their metadata.
  • Archive storage – back-up your data for the long term and future use.

Application SW

Hundreds of commercial or free applications are supported.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Besides running computing and storage resources, the CERIT-SC role lies in a close collaboration with end users and research teams from many research areas.

Training and Consultations

CERIT-SC offers training hands-on seminars and consultations in high performance computing and various related areas (e.g., scientific visualization, data analysis and management, code optimisation, system administration, etc.). If you are interested how to make the most of the provided infrastructure or need an IT consultation about resolving your specific research problem, contact us to make use of the available CERIT-SC expertise.

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