Centre CERIT-SC (CERIT Scientific Cloud) is a national centre operating computing and data storage infrastructure for research and development. With its capacity of approx. 5500 CPU cores and over 4 PB storage capacity it is the largest node of Czech national e-Infrastructure MetaCentrum.

Centre CERIT-SC is a part of the national e-infrastructure recognized in the Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic, complementary to the CESNET association and IT4Innovations supercomputing centre, with emphasis on experimental ("leading edge" and even disruptive) use of the e-infrastructure to meet the evolving user needs.

Besides operating its own resources, CERIT-SC enters other national and international infrastructure projects (ELIXIR CZ, H2020 West-life, ...) or closely collaborates with them (BBMRI, Cetocoen) with the responsibility of e-infrastructure design and operation. 

CERIT-SC is hosted at Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University. 

Research and development

E-infrastructure research and development is primarily driven by the requirements of the e-infrastructure evolution and its flexible advanced use.

Research collaborations with scientific communities from many scientific areas. CERIT-SC users do not act only as service consumers, but mainly as partners in research and production application of its results. CERIT-SC is usually responsible for the e-infrastructure and data processing related part of the research, thus allowing researchers and their teams to focus on and progress more quickly with their own research. 


Invitation to the lecture of Prof. John Womersley, Director General, ESS ERIC

15 Jun 2018

The Czech Academy of Sciences and Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS invite you to the lecture of Prof. John Womersley Director General, ESS ERIC The European Spallation Source when: 15 JUNE 2018 AT 14:00 where: CAS, PRAGUE 1, NÁRODNÍ 3, ROOM 206 The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a next-generation research facility for research in materials...


EuroHPC Initiative workshop

16 May 2018

Being one of three research e-infrastructures in the Czech Republic, and being actively involved in pan-European discussion on the e-infrastructure ecosysem, CERIT-SC was also represented at EuroHPC Initiative workshop organised by MEYS, European Commision, and IT4I. Czech Republic signed the Declaration on the Development of Cooperation on HPC on 24...


Invitation to the Grid computing workshop 2018

30 Apr 2018

We would like to invite you to the Grid computing workshop 2018 which takes part on Friday, May 11 in Prague. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the services offered by the MetaCentrum and CERIT-SC computing infrastructures and related actual/planned news. The seminar is co-organized by CESNET, z.s.p.o., CERIT-SC Center, and SafeDX. For more...


CERIT-SC participates in project of Grant Agency of the Masaryk University

1 Mar 2018

The project Pushing the limits in automated NMR structure determination using a single 4D NOESY spectrum and machine learning methods, funded by the Grand Agency of the Masaryk University is starting in March 2018. The project focus on combination of novel NOESY concepts with artificial intelligence to a streamlined strategy designed to meet the key...


More News

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