Work with your sensitive data in Trusted Research Environment for academic purposes.

Focus on Your Research

Whether researchers work with medical data, personal information, intellectual property, or trade secrets, they must deal with the compliance, contractual and legal demands on data storage and processing.

We understand the demands on the environments handling sensitive data and translate them into the design and operation of the SensitiveCloud. At the same time, we are more than keen on discussing your specific use case and needs, and finding a solution tailored to your needs. We develop and operate the environment, and you can focus on your research.

Single Environment for Sensitive Data

We understand that processing large data requires computational resources close to the data storage. SenstiveCloud provides both computing and storage resources under one roof, making data handling fast, convenient and secure at the same time.

Modern and Dynamic Technologies

The SensitiveCloud environment is built on modern container technology based on the Kubernetes platform, which provides high scalability, a dynamic environment, and plenty of other features, such as GPU acceleration. The solution containerizes the applications directly, omitting laborious deployment and management of the entire virtual machines with their own operating systems.

Users can choose whether to use one of the ready-made containers with frequently used applications or to containerize their applications themselves.

We Are in the Middle of the Action

We navigate through the landscape of security standards, take the initiative in defining legislation, and solve current sensitive data-related challenges on the international ground daily.

We were in the middle of the GDPR preparation and its implementation to the day-to-day practices on a national level. Data security is at the centre of our interest, and as such, we consider the industry-standard ISO 27k as a basis for our compliance with data security needs. As a complement, we participate in research activities concerned with forensic readiness, exploiting its practical impact on the security of the SensitiveCloud environment. On a European level, we are involved in several projects involved with the sensitive data management. As such, we aim for compatibility with European Health Data Space (EHDS) to properly support research in areas processing patient data.

Our mission is to materialize our broad experience to practical use in handling sensitive research data.

The Shift of Sensitive Data Processing Has Never Been Easier



We find out whether SensitiveCloud fulfils your requirements.



We explore all the specifics of your use case and, if necessary, make appropriate changes.



We sign an agreement confirming our duties and expectations.



We train you to harness the most of the environment.



You work on your research, and we continuously monitor your needs and satisfaction.

Use Cases

On-Demand Computing

The environment can easily be used for long term analysis, which has an "on-demand" character, i.e. the user starts the calculation and calculates until the data subfile is completely processed. It is also possible to run the calculation repeatedly based on an action. The environment supports calculations that require high performance (HPC), whether CPU, RAM or graphics card computing.

Learn more in our documentation

Virtual Desktop

The virtual desktop environment provides a high degree of protection, as all data are processed in a secure environment and only the video stream is transmitted to the client. The user of the virtual machine does not send or receive any data other than image data. The virtual machine can run on for a long time, the user does not lose any data by losing the internet connection or by switching off the physical device on which he is working.

Learn more in our documentation

Deployment of Secured Applications (Web Information Systems)

In the SensitiveCloud environment it is possible to run services that must run continuously. Database layers, communication layers (REST API), and applications offers various dynamic or static content. This use of the environment is possible but limited to VPN access only for security reasons. Exposing an application for users is only possible by using VPN or infrastructure SSO.

Learn more in our documentation

Storing, Sharing and Collaborating on Sensitive Data

The SensitiveCloud environment enables secured collaboration on your data. You can keep the data in a secure environment and, at the same time, conveniently share them with colleagues from your laboratory or trusted community.

Learn more in our documentation

Interested in SensitiveCloud?

Our platform provides advanced security features to ensure your data is safe and compliant with relevant regulations. With SensitiveCloud, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is in safe hands.

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