Data workflows

Organize your research data without pain.

Modern research presents challenges in the efficient organization of data. Preparing an experiment, collecting data, analyzing it and drawing a scientific conclusion is a very exciting process. Are you hearing that your data should also be published, at least to the scientific community? For many scientists this could be the point where a pleasant activity becomes a setback. How are you going to publish this data? Where? What metadata annotations to prepare, in what schema and language? CERIT-SC has the means to help you with your data workflow.

Automatization of Data Workflows

From data retrieval from experimental devices, through computing resources to the data repositories? We have developed several tools on top of the industry standard data management system Onedata to achieve full automatization of the data workflow. From experimental devices to data repository, or computing resources to analyze these data.

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Technology Meeting the Scientific Standards

Our focus is to maximize the performance of the infrastructure by optimizing data storage services. We position stored data as closely as possible to the data processing services to ensure efficient processing. Furthermore, we have integrated our storage systems into the Metacentrum Grid, Cloud service, or container platform for easier work with data.

General data workflow powered by Onedata

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What We Offer

For Masaryk University:

  • Data management expertise during design of an experiment
  • Help with selecting a storage technology
  • Advice on how to get storage capacity
  • Records of created datasets
  • Choosing the right laboratory notebook
  • Ensuring the handover of measured data from experiments to users
  • Implement varying policies of handling the data (e.g.: expiration, replication policy, embargo period etc.)
  • Publishing data to existing repositories (domain, institutionals, nationals)

For other academic institutions in the Czech Republic:

  • pretty much the same

Examples of Collaborations


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Onedata4SCI is what we call our sucessfull cooperation where we have managed to implement the Onedata to three use-cases on CEITEC. The solution is published to get more information how we get there.

Interested in Using Data Storage?

Whether you simply need to store your data, or build a robust pipeline with processing, sharing and archiving them for later use, our unique infrastructure built in collaboration with CESNET provides you with first-class storage options.

All you need is active access to national e-infrastructure services (free for members of Czech academia) and then request the appropriate storage capacity. Feel free to contact us for consultation.

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