Digital Identity
Expert Group

"We are experts in the area of Identity and Access Management for academia."

We are experts in Digital Identity and Access Management with years of experience in academic and research collaborative environments. Our partners and customers are research and educational institutions which seek our expertise for their complex authentication and authorization needs.

Our team is comprised of senior professionals and highly skilled specialists from Masaryk University (Institute of Computer Science) and the CESNET association. We put a lot of effort into finding and raising talented students interested in the area. This collaboration creates a highly dynamic environment where the students help us to evolve our product. As a benefit, they can utilize the gained experience while writing their bachelor and diploma theses or collaborate with us on a topic related to this area.

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Innovation & Technical Excellence

We keep a close eye on the progress across the AAI domain, always choosing the best direction for innovation. When you choose our solution, we can deliver a highly customized product that suits your use case as much as possible. Our team can design and implement a tool or mechanism specific for a particular task to help you reduce the technical and time overhead when trying to solve even a small problem.

From a technical point of view, we are trying to utilize the most up-to-date technologies. It helps us reduce the time spent on tedious and time-consuming tasks and lets us focus more on extending the product based on customers' needs. We are paying close attention to the latest security reports to mitigate the possibility of critical and sensitive data leakage. Our automated deployment mechanisms let us set up a new environment in a short period of time so you can start utilizing the solution as soon as possible.

We are not just technical people. Our team members are actively participating in different working groups in several nationwide projects that shape how the area of identity and access management will look in the future. We actively participate in creating new standardized solutions, helping write the standards, and discovering new areas that need to be solved to make life easier for you.

Ecosystem Perun

Our product is a complex set of appliances to solve a particularly complicated area - Identity and Access management. Behind these words, you can imagine a lot of management tasks primarily focused on working with digital identity and managing the utilization of different resources provided to the users. Perun gives you a powerful toolbox to work with users and their digital identities, representing various real-world objects or concepts and tying them together while providing mechanisms to set up rules for using the provided assets.

Perun consists of two main components - Perun IDM and Perun ProxyIdP. The IDM part is responsible for providing you with the ability to perform the management tasks. ProxyIdP focuses on integration of external services and managing access to them using SAML and OpenID Connect protocols. By deploying these two components together, you can create a unified environment for your users to access the infrastructure resources, automate management tasks, and provide day-to-day management tools.

  • Virtual organization management
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Resource management
  • Service management
  • Customizable for your use-cases
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Our Collaborations & Projects

Our research is largely linked to collaboration with other research groups from various scientific disciplines. Our partners are mainly scientists a researchers from the field of Life Sciences both from Masaryk University and from other Czech and Europe research institutions.

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We are responsible for the design and development of the authentication and authorization infrastructure for European science infrastructure ELIXIR, which aims to create an environment for life science research.

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BBMRI-ERIC is a European research infrastructure for biobanking, for which we develop authentication and authorization infrastructure, including user management and access control.

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In collaboration with CESNET, we are working on development and maintenance of complete authentication and authorisation infrastructure for e-INFRA CZ. We are developing the software Perun within this cooperation.

Interested in Our Expertise? Join Us!

We are searching for new colleagues for various positions who would work with us on exciting projects, develop unique software and solve unconventional problems. In case of interest, contact

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Team Members

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Mgr. Slávek Licehammer

Leader of Digital Identity Expert Group

Slávek act as the leader of Perun AAI project, responsible for the vision and high-level strategy. He is active in community engagement and represents the Perun team in both international and national projects, participating in project preparation and execution. From the technical perspective, he is advancing the AAI area by designing new features and workflows and participating in their standardization.

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RNDr. Martin Kuba, Ph.D. | Perun IdM deployment expert

Martin act as the head of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Department at CESNET. He works as a coordinator of e-INFRA CZ AAI workgroup and co-leads the GA4GH Passports workgroup in DURI workstream.

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Pavel Vyskočil | Team leader & Developer

Pavel is responsible for development of Perun Access management, both the team and the product. Furthermore he is responsible for proxy operating of e-Infrastructure CESNET, e-INFRA CZ, CEITEC et al.

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Mgr. Dominik František Bučík | Project coordinator & Developer

Dominik is involved primarily in the Life Sciences related projects. He is co-leading the ELIXIR Compute Platform AAI Task (ELIXIR Europe) and the primary representative of the AAI work package in BBMRI-ERIC. He is also involved in other projects like EOSC-Life, EGI, GEANT, or GA4GH.

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Mgr. Pavel Břoušek | Developer

Pavel connects the Perun IAM system with single sign-on solutions based on common authentication protocols. He also designs the architecture of MUNI Unified Login, including the integration with Perun, and he is responsible for deployment and operations in a high-availability setting.

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Mgr. Peter Balčirák | Project coordinator & Product owner

Peter coordinates identity and access management activities for the eduTEAMS project provided by GÉANT. As a product owner of the Perun system, he gathers requirements from stakeholders and defines tasks for the development team.

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Ing. Mgr. Jana Broncová | Project coordinator

Jana coordinates activities across individual teams and the community representatives in AAI area for Life Science collaborative spaces. She is dealing with various tasks such as requirement gathering, development, testing and users' feedback, including new ideas and feature requests as well as complex topics.

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Mgr. Pavel Zlámal | Developer & Support

Pavel is a former long-time developer and product owner of Perun. Currently, he is responsible for the deployment and operation of Perun within the e-Infrastructure CESNET and e-INFRA CZ. Within the team, he is mainly involved in design discussions about necessary functionality.

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