Data Management Planning

Manage your data efectively, with expertise and for your projects and goals.

DMP Process Supports and Enables Research

Research Data is the backbone of scientific research, and the amount of digital data needed for research is constantly growing. With the increasing amount of data, the complexity of data formats, software for their processing, etc., the demands on their management are continually increasing.

The process of planning and managing data in scientific projects is, therefore, an essential and integral part of your research methodology – it is a process that supports and enables research. Without well-handled management of your data, you research team could be limited in effective expansion or structural change of your work. To collaborate with other researchers, transfering and sharing data systematically could help you deliver research results in the long term.

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An Increasing Basic Requirement in Project Calls

The importance of data management planning for the success and credibility of scientific research is also recognized by research funding organizations (various grant agencies, etc.). It is becoming an increasingly common requirement of project calls to include the Data Management Plan (DMP) and its regular updates in the project proposals and deliverebles. DMP describes how your research data are managed, thus becoming the integral part of methodology of your research.

Focus on Your Research

Most of the time, however, the technical, legal and managerial part of research data management is not the subject of your research, and the necessity of taking care of this part of data management distracts you from focusing on your research topic. Suppose you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge in your team to effectively handle all the data management process and to prepare the DMP documents required in your projects. In that case, we offer you support in this area through expert consultations and technical tools that will make data planning and management more effortless.

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What We Offer

For other academic institutions in the Czech Republic:

  • A team of EOSC experts across CZ to whom you can turn at any time for a consultation.
  • Expertise in using DMP Tools to handle your Data management plan (DMP) preparations.
  • Information about EOSC implementation and related national services.
  • Expertise in different types of data storages to help you decide, where to save and manage efectively and securely your data.

For Masaryk University:

Interested in Our Data Management Planning?

Do you need help with DMP? Please follow the Data Management Plan button.

Do you have specific question or complex problem? Feel free to contact our team of FAIR Data specialists.

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