CERIT-SC provides access to a complex software system based on Debian Linux but covering other Linux flavours and MS Windows, wide range of compilers and developer tools, and application software (both freely available and commercial). Nowadays we have hundreds of applications from tens research areas available.

Applications and tools

The CERIT-SC computing resources provide the same application equipment as the MetaCentrum computing resources - thus, for a list of available applications (including their documentation) let us refer you to the MetaCentrum site.

Similarly to MetaCentrum, the applications are accessbile via a modular system, providing a user interface to environment modifications necessary for starting the applications. Details about the modular system can be also found on MetaCentrum site.

Frequently used applications are supported in case of need by buying of new licences or often installation of new versions. The most used applications in MetaCentrum are:

  • Mathematical and Statistical Modelling software – Matlab, Maple, grid-Mathematica, R
  • Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modelling software – Amber, Gaussian/GaussView, Gromacs, MolPro, Turbomole
  • Structural Biology and Bioinformatics – QUEEN, MrBayes, CS-Rosetta
  • DNA Sequencing and Analysis – CLC Genomics Workbench, Geneious
  • Technical and Material Simulations – Ansys (Fluent + CFX + Mechanical + HPC), OpenFOAM
  • Development Tools and Environments – Intel CDK, PGI CDK, TotalView

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