Invitation to the lecture of Prof. John Womersley, Director General, ESS ERIC

15 Jun 2018

The Czech Academy of Sciences and Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS invite you to the lecture of Prof. John Womersley Director General, ESS ERIC
The European Spallation Source

when: 15 JUNE 2018 AT 14:00
where: CAS, PRAGUE 1, NÁRODNÍ 3, ROOM 206

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a next-generation research facility for research in materials science, life sciences and engineering, now under construction in Lund in Southern Sweden, with important contributions from the Czech Republic.

Using the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, ESS will generate intense beams of neutrons that will allow the structures of materials and molecules to be understood at the level of individual atoms. This capability is key for advances in areas from energy storage and generation, to drug design and delivery, novel materials, and environment and heritage. ESS will offer science capabilities 10-20 times greater than the world’s current best, starting in 2023.

Thirteen European governments, including the Czech Republic, are members of ESS and are contributing to its construction. Groundbreaking took place in 2014 and the project is now 45% complete. The accelerator buildings are finished, the experimental areas are taking shape, the neutron target structure is progressing rapidly, and installation of the first accelerator systems is underway with commissioning to start in 2019. Fifteen world leading scientific instruments, each specialised for different areas of research, are selected and under construction with in-kind partners across Europe, including the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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