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Perun success stories

Despite of short history of Perun system, we have helped many important organizations to reach their plan to manage user accesses to their resources. Now more than 50 smaller or bigger organizations use our system. All organizations are able to operate with system without necessity of our further intervention. Moreover we provide support to these organization when new service is essential to be developed. more

Perun system, developed by CERIT-SC and CESNET, covers management of the whole ecosystem around the users' identities, groups, resources and services. Perun is well suited for managing users within organizations and projects, managing access rights to the services.

Perun has been integrated with a number of infrastructures and projects on both national and international level and CESNET cooperates on its design and development: for example MetaCentrum, CERIT-SC, CESNET Data Storage, CEITEC, Laboratory of Advanced Network Technologie, Masaryk University, Fedcloud.egi.eu, ELIXIR, EGI, CSIR Meraka Institute – SAGrid, to name a few.


Key features

  • Virtual organization management
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Resource management
  • Service management
  • Customizable for your use-cases
  • Notifications
  • Auditing


  • Perun - Incorporation of CSIRT Teams into Identity and Access Management Systems TNC2015, Prague, Czech Republic (2016)
  • Perun - Flexible and Customizable Identity and Access Management System.      TNC2015, Porto, Portugal (2015)    
  • Security in Federated e-Infrastructure and Identity Management. EGI Conference 2015, Lisabon, Portugal (2015)     
  • eduGAIN Groups Manager Demo based on Perun. REFEDS, Indianapolis, USA  (2014)     
  • Identity and Access Management System for Virtual Organizations/Research Communities. EGI-GEANT Symposium, CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)     
  • Perun - Modern Approach for User and Service Management. IST-Africa 2014, Le Meridien Hotel, Mauricius (2014)     
  • User and Resource Management System for Virtual Organizations/Research Communities. TF-EMC2 Meeting, Curych, Switzerland (2014)     
  • Perun - User and Resource Management system for Virtual Organizations/Research Communities. CHAIN-REDS BoF, Maastricht, NL (2013)     
  • Perun - User and Resource Management system. REFEDS meeting, Maastricht, NL (2013)     
  • Demonstration of the Federated Clouds Task Force test bed and services. EGI Community Forum, Manchester, UK (2013)

This work is supported by the projects OP RI CERIT Scientific Cloud LM2015085; OP RI ELIXIR CZ – Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data LM2015047;  EU H2020: ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences 676559; EU H2020 RI: West-Life - World-wide E-infrastructure for structural biology 675858.


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