Cybernetic providing ground

KYPO, Faculty of Informatics, MU Brno

Facing the threats posed by contemporary attackers requires to develop techniques and methods for detection and prevention of attacks continually. However, studying attacks in a real environment is not viable and therefore it is necessary to find other methods to examine their nature.
The CERIT-SC team collaborates on the development of a testbed which provides a generic way to simulate and study a wide range of cyber attacks, and it facilitates establishment of isolated virtual environments that researchers can use to pursue controlled analysis of attacks. Using virtualization and cloud techniques we managed to provide a controlled/ monitored environment where it is possible to configure any common network configuration using a novel networking approach and thus fulfilling needs of various security scenarios.

The KYPO project (VG20132015103) was funded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as part of the Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2010–2015. The Institute of Computer Science, in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, was the lead organizational unit of this project. CERIT Scientific Cloud provides cloud computing resources. Project team members have many years of experience running the CSIRT-MU security team and implementing security projects for the public and private sectors.

This work was supported by the project KYPO Cybernetic Proving Ground VG20132015103.


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