Research & Development

Our research and development activities focus on three areas:

  • Research in high performance computing and big data analysis, such as development of new methods for processing large data sets, specific optimization methods taking advantage of new hardware architectures or reformulation of existing algorithms to scale on massively-parallel hardware. The research focus on general topics in computer science, but is strongly motivated by requirements of CERIT-SC users performing demanding computations and working with large data sets.
  • E-infrastructure research and development, which is primarily driven by the requirements of the e-infrastructure evolution and its flexible advanced use.
  • Interdisciplinary research - CERIT-SC users do not act only as service consumers, but mainly as partners in research and production application of its results. CERIT-SC is usually responsible for the e-infrastructure and data processing related part of the research, thus allowing researchers and their teams to focus on and progress more quickly with their own research. 


The ICT is ubiquitous in research nowadays, virtually no research activities could be competitive without extensive use of ICT. Simultaneously, the technology grows more and more complex, becoming difficult to be used extensively by users who are experts in their scientific areas, and not computing and e-infrastructures themselves. The strategic goal of the centre is research resulting in better usage of current and future technology, bringing ICT expertise into interdisciplinary research and supporting leading edge research in various scientific areas.

CERIT-SC users become research partners, participating on the research and development activities. The CERIT-SC role lies in a close long term collaboration with end users and research teams from many research areas (life sciences, material science, energy, transport, earth observation, cyber security, etc.) on implementation and improvement of new methods and tools with the aim to increase the efficient usage of the CERIT-SC infrastructure and to advance the state of research in all areas thanks to the access to large variety of partners' projects utilizing the infrastructure.

CERIT-SC is a partner of the Czech national Node of the ELIXIR – an infrastructure uniting Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing, processing, and storing data generated in public-funded research.

Centre CERIT-SC tightly cooperates with the Faculty of Informatics as well as other parts of the Masaryk University and other universities. It targets specifically into integrating master and graduate students. PhD study consultants work in the centre, helping students to integrade tightly into relevant research areas, their results immediately applied in the centre itself as well as other places.

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