We are bringing popular AI-based tool for predicting the 3D structure of proteins, revolutionizing biochemistry and drug design closer to you, thanks to our powerfull infrastructure and your browser.

Prediction of Protein Structures in Your Web Browser

No installation and no need for powerfull computer. Just paste primary protein sequence in FASTA format, run the prediction and view secondary structure in your web broser. Obtain structure predictions with minimal technical expertise.

Advanced Features and Folding Variants

We are providing multiple tools and fold variants available for reproducible results, namely alphafold, colabfold, omegafold or esmfold. For each folding variant there is real-time rendering, interactive exploration, and structure previews. To increase provided value of analysis, the pLDDT analysis is included, and in the case of the colabfold also PAE and coverage is visualy anotated in the preview.

All computed structures are cached in shared storage, accessible for further processing, sharing or download. In case of predicting large proteins it could take too much time. There is possibility to send notification about completed prediction and results via an e-mail.

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Mol* Integration for Complex Visualizations

To make complex analysis and view visualisations we have integrated the Mol* software. Mol* is also a web-based open source software for visualization and analysis of large-scale molecular data being developed at CEITEC MUNI as part of ELIXIR project. The integration provides visually appealing and intuitive representations of protein structures without need to install additional software and download data. Mol* allows you to explore 3D structure, analyze protein folds, secondary structures, and binding sites and visualize protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions, gaining insights into molecular recognition and binding.

After the prediction in the AlphaFold is done, you will obtain a specific URL where Mol* is preloaded with the predicted data.

Available for Czech Academics and Selected LifeScience Groups

The Alphafold service is available to all Czech academia via e-INFRA CZ e-infrastructure and selected users or virtual organizations via LifeScence AAI.

Interested in Using Our AlphaFold in Your Web Browser?

Whether you're looking to implement our tools or simply curious about our processes, we're happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us.

Looking for a easy access to powerfull AI model for protein structures predictions? Try AlphaFold in your browser.

Our comprehensive documentation provides both technical and user information to help you work with our Container Platform.

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