Cloud Service

The Cloud Service helps you process and analyze your research data on our powerful infrastructure. It provides a high extent of freedom thanks to virtualization, high performance and computational accelerators (GPUs) and a number of features such as virtual networks.

Easily Accessible, Manageable, Flexible Virtual Infrastructure

IaaS offers its users a wide range of quickly available services such as virtual servers, virtual networking and storage on demand. All this can be managed by the user thanks to the self-service capabilities – powerful GUI dashboard or API endpoints to enable automatization.

It is possible to utilize more that 10 000 CPU, 200 TB RAM and more than 100 accelerators like GPUs to support intensive computations.

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Cloud Service Covers the Shortcomings of Other Environments

IaaS is a great addition to the portfolio of computing services due to its powerful capabilities. Unlike a traditional grid environment, the user has complete control over the software layer - run any operating system (Linux or Windows), install any software (as root), and build a complex infrastructure thanks to virtual networking or scalable and dynamic computing pipelines with guaranteed reserved resources.

Use It as You Will, From Running Applications to HPC Jobs

There are no limits. Thanks to close cooperation with research communities, the cloud service is suitable for running computationally intensive (up to 720GB of RAM or 128 CPU cores per VM) tasks and complex computational pipelines, as well as running utilities as a regular application or database server.

However, bear in mind, that with great power comes great responsibility – you will have to maintain everything inside your virtual machine by yourself.

  • General purpose and HPC optimized VMs
  • Virtual Networking and public IPv4/IPv6
  • Load Balancers as a Service
  • GPU accelerators
  • Available up-to-date OS images
  • Block and Object storage with S3 for stage-in/out
  • Options for Fast NVME disks

Interested in Using Cloud Services?

Whether you're looking to implement our tools or simply curious about our processes, we're happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us.

If you're interested in seeing how cloud administration works behind the scenes, we invite you to explore administration dashboard, which will help you manage your infrastructure.

Our comprehensive documentation provides both technical and user information to help you work with our Cloud Services.

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