HPC Environment

HPC Environment provides specialized computer systems, networks, and software to perform extremely complex calculations and simulations. These systems are designed to handle large amounts of data and perform calculations at a much faster rate than traditional computers.

One of the Biggest Hardware Contributor for National Grid 

We have partnered with CESNET to deliver to the Czech research community large HPC environment built on the grid computing paradigm. The CERIT-SC’s grid nodes are non-trivial contributions to the national grid.

Get Access to the Metacentrum

The Metacentrum Grid is a traditional highly distributed HPC environment based on jobs, queues, and fairshare scheduling. It provides you in total 40K CPUs, up to 256 GB RAM, and fast home directories to store your intermediate results from computing jobs. The access to the environment is for every eligible user of the e-INFRA CZ, visit Metacentrum Portal, register, and start computing.

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Interested in Using Our HPC Environment?

Looking to expand your computational workflow to more resources and solve tasks with high memory and CPU requirements? Join the MetaCentrum and access large-scale resources.

Visit Metacentrum Portal, create an account, monitor your submitted jobs, and get the latest news on what is new in the HPC environment.

If the available self-service methods do not suit you, and you would like to implement a more advanced HPC use case, contact us anytime. We are ready to consult the architecture of your HPC workflow.

Comprehensive documentation allows you to start on your own. It provides both technical and user information to help you work with our HPC Environment.

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