Container Platform

Simplify your infrastructure management with our container platform service. Streamline deployment, scaling and management of your research applications and focus not on the infrastructure but on your research.

Unlocking Efficiency and Portability with Containers

Containers are a way to package and distribute software applications in a lightweight and portable format. They provide a consistent environment for the application to run in, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Thus, a container platform is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop, deploy, and run applications as the user doesn't need to manage all operating system components compared to the virtual machines.

Containerize and Run

The managed container platform offers several advanced capabilities to help you manage your containerized applications. Automatic scaling ensures that your application can handle fluctuations in traffic, while load balancing distributes incoming requests across multiple instances of your application. The certificate manager allows you to quickly issue Let's Encrypt TLS certificates, making it simple to secure your application. All deployed applications are running on the fast NVME disks for high-performance storage, and can easily connect with HPC storage at e-INFRA CZ (Brno-12).

​You don't have to worry about managing underlying infrastructure - setting up and securing operating system, configuring networking and firewalls. Instead, you can focus on building and deploying your application, while we take care of the rest.

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Perfect for Utilizing DevOps Principles and Running HPC Jobs

The combination of Kubernetes and CI/CD enables automation of the application lifecycle. In addition, it is possible to use Kubernetes for HPC calculations thanks to our powerful hardware that allows you to use up to 1TB of RAM per container. Learn more about use-cases and find examples here.

Technical Details

  • Containerized deployments
  • Automatic TLS certificates
  • Exposing application (Load balancers - L2/L7)
  • Kubernetes with Rancher management portal
  • HELM Charts
  • Secret management
  • GPUs and Fast NVMEs

Interested in Using Our Container Platform?

Whether you're looking to implement our tools or simply curious about our processes, we're happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us.

Looking for a flexible Kubernetes solution? Try Rancher dashboard, which lets you deploy and manage clusters anywhere.

Our comprehensive documentation provides both technical and user information to help you work with our Container Platform.

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